Twisted Knotted Multifilament Nylon Netting

Twisted Knotted Multifilament Nylon

  • Multifilament nylon netting is used in many different applications worldwide: Fishing nets, Sports Nets, Industrial Nets – very versatile.
  • Multifilament nylon netting is constructed with many very fine (small diameter) filaments twisted into a single strand.
  • Multifilament netting is strong
  • Multifilament netting is very flexible, is easily repaired, and will not float in water.
  • Multifilament nylon netting is more visible in clear water than monofilament netting.
  • Multifilament nylon netting can be dyed most any color.
  • Debris ( sticks, grass, etc.) will cling to multifilament nylon netting more easily than monofilament netting.
  • Custom formulated netting treatments are available that will extend the life of the netting, making it more abrasion and ultra violet resistant. See Dip Net page for details.

Fitec’s twisted multifilament  nylon netting is made from high quality, virgin resin with excellent tensile (breaking) strength. All Fitec twisted nylon netting is heat-set to provide tight knots that will not slip under pressure. Our factory is state-of-the-art with stringent quality control which ensures consistent mesh and twine sizes throughout the netting.  Fitec’s twisted nylon netting factory manufacturers a wide range of twine sizes in most any mesh size, meshes deep, or color.

Twisted Knotted Multifilament Nylon Netting 
(Red De Multifilamento De Nylon, Torcido) 
Twine DiameterTensile (Breaking)  
     Strength (Approx) 
210d/2 440210/20.0130.326.623 
210d/3 (3×1)660#690.0150.399.924.5 
210d/6 (3×2)1260#1390.0210.5419.859 
210d/9 (3×3)1890#2080.0260.6626.4612 
210d/12 (3×4)2520#2770.0300.7541.9019 
210d/15 (3×5)3150#60.0330.8550.7223 
210d/18 (3×6)3780#70.0360.9261.7428 
210d/21 (3×7)4410#80.0401.0272.7733 
210d/24 (3×8)5040#90.0421.0783.7938 
210d/27 (3×9)5670n/a0.0451.1594.8243 
210d/30 (3×10)6300#120.0471.2105.8448 
210d/36 (3×12)7560#150.0521.32125.6957 
210d/45 (3×15)9450n/a0.0591.5147.7467 
210d/48 (3×16)10080#180.0601.52169.7977 
210d/60 (3×20)12600#210.0671.7209.4895 
210d/72 (3×24)15120#240.0731.85253.58115 
210d/75 (3×25)15750n/a0.0751.9264.60120 
210d/84 (3×28)17640#300.0781.98295.47134 
210d/90 (3×30)18900n/a0.0832.1317.52144 
210d/96 (3×32)20160#360.0852.16339.57154 
210d/108 (3×36)22680#420.0932.35372.65169 
210d/120 (3×40)25200n/a0.0942.4401.31182 
210d/132 (3×44)27720#480.1032.614.301.95 
210d/144 (3×48)30240#540.1092.77467.46212 
210d/168 (3×56)35280#600.1162.95557.87253 
210d/192 (3×64)40320#720.1253.17637.25289 
210d/234 (3×78)49140#840.1353.42661.50300 
210d/276 (3×92)57960#960.1584.01932.72423 
210d/336 (3×112)70560#1200.1704.311056.20479 
Note:  The specifications listed are for commonly accepted industry applications.
 We can custom manufacture to your specifications- contact us for details