Netting is manufactured in different constructions and with different materials. Our factories need the following information to be able to manufacture the netting you want:

  1. The construction of the twine (i.e. twisted)
  2. The type of yarn (fiber) you want (i.e. nylon)
  3. The type of knot you want (i.e. single knot)
  4. The size of the mesh/hole (i.e. 2 inch full mesh of knot to center of knot)
  5. Depth of the netting – distance from the top to the bottom – (i.e. 50 meshes deep)
  6. Length of the netting – distance from the left to the right – (i.e. 5,000 meshes long)
  7. Selvedge – finished edges along the top and bottom of the netting – (i.e. single)
  8. Stretching direction (i.e. lengthways)
  9. Treatment (i.e. dyed black)

See below for details.

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