Twisted Knotless Polyethylene Netting

Twisted Knotless Polyethylene

Twisted Knotless Polyethylene Netting is widely used in trawling and purse seine fisheries as well as a variety of specialty applications. This netting is specially manufactured with two strands of twine where each strand is twisted through each other thereby making netting without knots.  Twisted Knotless Polyethylene Netting has several characteristics:


  • Up to 40% less water resistance (when nets are pulled through water) versus knotted netting of equal diameters resulting in significant fuel savings.
  • Up to 25% less weight than knotted netting – fewer pounds or kilos of netting are needed to cover the same area.
  • Less friction as netting is pulled into the boat from the water – no knots to catch or rub against the sides of the boat
  • No uneven wearing away of the knots. Since Twisted Knotless Polyethylene has no knots, abrasion occurs (when trawls are pulled across sand or rocks) across the entire surface of the netting – not concentrated just on the knots, and therefore lasts longer.
  • Consistent Mesh Size – There are no knots to tighten under pressure so the mesh size is always consistent
  • Less Damage to the Catch – Since Twisted Knotless Polyethylene Netting has no knots, the surface is smoother than knotted netting and there is less stress on the fish or shrimp.
  • Twisted Knotless Polyethylene Netting will float on the surface of water.


Fitec’s Twisted  Knotless Polyethylene  netting is made from high-quality, virgin resin with ultra violet inhibitors and dyes added at extrusion, resulting in excellent tensile (breaking) strength and superior longevity in the sun.  Our factory is state-of-the-art with stringent quality control. This ensures consistent mesh and twine sizes throughout the netting.  Fitec’s twisted knotless polyethylene factory manufactures a wide range of twine sizes in most any mesh size, meshes deep, or color.

Twisted Knotless Polyethylene  Netting 
(Twisted sin nudos Polietileno Red) 
Twine DiameterTensile (Breaking)  
     Strength (Approx) 
400d/12 (2×6)4800#70.0551.44922 
400d/16 (2×8)6400#90.0671.76429 
400d/18 (2×9)7200#120.0711.87132 
400d/28 (2×14)11200#180.0872.210447 
400d/34 (2×17)13600#210.0932.3512858 
400d/42 (2×21)16800#240.1022.5815972 
Note:  The specifications listed are for commonly accepted industry applications.
 We can custom manufacture to your specifications- contact us for details