Expanded Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) is one of the most commonly used materials  for floats and buoys worldwide. Characteristics of PVC Floats and Buoys are:

  • Fitec PVC Floats and Buoys are made from the finest additives and resins available
  • Ultra Violet (UV) inhibitors and stabilizers are added to our resin to resist sunlight damage and fading
  • Highly resistant to oil, gasoline, chemicals, diesel fuel, salt, mildew,  mud, and grease
  • Very abrasion resistant and rugged
  • Closed cell construction- will not absorb water
  • Our custom blend of virgin PVC resins and special additives will resist cracking, splitting, or chipping
  • Not affected by weather or temperature
  • Our buoys are consistent in size, weight, and buoyancy shipment after shipment
  • Fitec PVC floats are available in many standard colors- white, orange, brown, green, blue, black, and red
  • Our floats have a hard smooth surface that can be painted or ink stamped
  • Fitec Floats and Buoys are Economical
  • 46 different sizes, shapes, colors, and buoyancies are in stock and available for immediate shipment Over 115 different sizes and shapes of floats can ordered in 7 different colors
  • All Fitec PVC floats are packaged in strong boxes that can be shipped by UPS, Fed Ex, or Parcel Post

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