Multi-Strand Multifilament Nylon
Multi-Strand Monofilament Nylon Netting

Multi-Strand Monofilament Nylon

Multi-Strand Monofilament netting is constructed from two or more individual strands of monofilament twisted together to form a single twine. The twine is then manufactured into netting. Multi-strand monofilament nylon is:

  • Nearly transparent in water and can be tinted (dyed) most any color.
  • Most commonly used in gill and trammel nets.
  • Softer and more flexible than single-strand monofilament netting. It is more compact and will not use as much space to store.
  • Stronger than equal diameters of single-strand monofilament.
  • Multi-strand monofilament is normally more expensive than single-strand monofilament.
  • Debris (sticks, grass, etc.) is more difficult to remove from multi-strand monofilament than from single-strand monofilament.
  • Available in single, double, or triple knots.
  • Available in depthways stretched (most common) or lengthways stretched.
  • Thicker or heavier selvedges (for added strength) are available as well as multifilament selvedges.
  • Fitec’s monofilament netting is made from high-quality, virgin resin with excellent tensile (breaking) strength. All Fitec monofilament netting is heat-set in a controlled chamber to provide tight knots that will not slip under pressure. Our factory is state-of-the-art with stringent quality control. This ensures consistent mesh and twine sizes throughout the netting.  Fitec’s monofilament netting factory manufactures a wide range of twine sizes in most any mesh size, mesh deep, or color.
Multi-Strand Monofilament Nylon Netting  
(Red De Multi-Monofilamento)  
MM Dia x PlyJapanese USATensile(Breaking) Strength  
Size x PlyNumberof Twine  
.20mm x 41.5 x 4 #13921.169.6  
.20mm x 51.5 x 5n/a26.4612  
.20mm x 61.5 x 6n/a31.7514.4  
.20mm x 81.5 x 8#27742.3419.2  
.20mm x 101.5 x 10n/a52.723.9  
.20mm x 121.5 x 12#763.2828.7  
.20mm x 141.5 x 14n/a73.8733.5  
.20mm x 161.5 x 16#983.7938  
Note:  The specifications listed are for commonly accepted industry applications.
 We can custom manufacture to your specifications- contact us for details