Rackguard Nets

Industrial and Warehouse Netting

Fitec International Inc. is one of the largest suppliers of netting in the USA that is used for industrial and warehouse netting.  Some of the uses of our netting are:

  • Rack Guard Nets 
  • Pallet Cover Nets
  • Bird Barrier Nets
  • Conveyor Nets
  • Warehouse Divider Nets
  • Pallet Rack Nets             

Industrial/Warehouse  netting is normally made with  twisted, braided or knotless constructions, and is often made of nylon or  polyethylene fibers.  By combining different constructions with different fibers, the characteristics of netting  such as tensile (breaking) strength, abrasion resistance, elasticity, ultra violet resistance, etc. can be modified to suit your needs.


Our factories manufacture a wide range of sizes, colors, and characteristics to fit most any situation.

Cut Square Knotted Netting

Cut Square Knotted Netting

Diamond Shaped Netting

Diamond Shaped Knotted Netting

Cut Square Knotless Raschel Netting

Cut Square Knotless (Raschel) Netting

Diamond Shaped Knotless Netting

Diamond Shaped Knotless (Raschel) Netting