High Performance Braided PE Netting

High Performance Polyethylene Knotted Netting

Fitec’s  High Performance Braided Polyethylene Knotted Netting is superior in tensile (breaking) strength to traditional polyethylene netting.  This allows our  netting to have a smaller diameter twine size, leading to less drag and a reduction in fuel consumption.

  • High Tenacity netting that is exceptionally strong with a high knot breaking strength
  • Unparalleled Abrasion Resistance providing durability. Our compact tightly braided construction provides sand and mud resistance leading to longer life and fewer repairs.
  • Our elevated strength to weight ratio gives our customers a Hydrodynamic net that is easier to tow; reducing fuel consumption.
  • Proven Track Record in fisheries in Europe, Scandinavia, and Australia.

Fitec’s  High Performance Braided  Knotted Polyethylene  netting is made from high quality, virgin resin with ultra violet inhibitors and dyes added at extrusion, resulting in  excellent tensile (breaking) strength, and superior longevity in the sun.  Fitec  netting is heatset  to provide tight knots that resist slipping under pressure.  Our factory is state of the art with stringent quality control which ensures consistent mesh and twine sizes throughout the netting.  Fitec’s high performance braided knotted polyethylene  factory manufacturers a wide range of twine sizes in most any mesh size and meshes deep.

High Performance Braided Polyethylene Netting   
(Alto Rendimiento Trenzado Polietileno Red)   
   Tensile (Breaking)    
Twine DiameterStrength (Approx)   
US SizemmInchesPoundsKilos   
Note:  The specifications listed are for commonly accepted industry applications.
 We can custom manufacture to your specifications- contact us for details