Double Mesh Braided Knotted Polyethylene Netting

Braided Polyethylene Knotted Netting

Braided Polyethylene Knotted Netting is used in fishing applications (trawling) , sport nets (baseball batting cages), and in industrial applications.  The twine (which is knotted together to make netting) consists of two parts; the jacket and the core. The jacket is formed when filaments are braided together to form a hollow tube, and the core is created when multiple filaments are placed inside the hollow tube for strength.  Braided Polyethylene Knotted Netting has several characteristics:

  • The netting is very abrasion resistant, extremely tough, and does not wear out as quickly as twisted knotted polyethylene twine netting. It is ideally suited for applications where the netting is dragged across or rubbing against rocks or sand.
  • The tensile (breaking strength) can vary considerably depending on the diameter of the filaments, the number of filaments in the jacket and core of the twine, as well as the quality of the resin from which the filaments are made.
  • Braided Knotted Polyethylene Netting will float on the surface of water.
  • Usually more expensive per pound than twisted knotted polyethylene netting.
  • Harder to repair than twisted polyethylene netting.

Fitec’s Braided  Knotted Polyethylene  netting is made from high quality, virgin resin with ultra violet inhibitors and dyes added at extrusion, resulting in  excellent tensile (breaking) strength, and superior longevity in the sun. All Fitec  braided knotted polyethylene netting is heatset  to provide tight knots that resist slipping under pressure.  Our factory is state of the art with stringent quality control which ensures consistent mesh and twine sizes throughout the netting.  Fitec’s braided knotted polyethylene  factory manufacturers a wide range of twine sizes in most any mesh size, meshes deep, or color.

Braided Knotted Polyethylene Netting    
(Red De Polietileno, Trenzada)    
   Tensile (Breaking)     
Twine DiameterStrength (Approx)    
US SizemmInchesPoundsKilos    
Note:  The specifications listed are for commonly accepted industry applications.
 We can custom manufacture to your specifications- contact us for details