Braided Mono Nylon Netting

Braided Knotted Nylon

  • Braided knotted multifilament nylon netting is constructed with several very fine (small diameter) filaments braided together into a single strand of twine (in a herringbone pattern) which is then made into netting.
  • Braided nylon netting is more abrasion resistant than twisted nylon netting, making it good for applications where the netting will be chafing or rubbing against something.
  • Not quite as strong (tensile breaking test) as twisted nylon.
  • Braided nylon netting is more difficult to repair than twisted netting.
  • Braided nylon netting is usually more expensive than twisted nylon netting.
  • Will not float. Braided nylon netting will sink in water
  • Custom formulated netting treatments are available. These treatments will help to extend the life of the netting, making it  even more abrasion and ultra violet resistant. See our Net Dip Page for details.

Fitec’s braided nylon netting is made from high-quality, virgin resin with excellent tensile (breaking) strength. All Fitec braided netting is heat-set to provide tight knots that resist slipping under pressure.  Our factory is state-of-the-art with stringent quality control. This ensures consistent mesh and twine sizes throughout the netting. Fitec’s braided nylon netting factory manufacturers a wide range of twine sizes in most any mesh size, meshes deep, or color.

Braided Knotted Multifilament Nylon Netting
(Redes De Nylon, Trenzado)
Twine DiameterTensile (Breaking) 
   Strength (Approx)