Twisted Nylon Rope

Twisted Cotton Rope

  • Cotton Rope is made with either 100% natural cotton fiber or with a combination of natural cotton fiber and synthetic fiber such as polyester
  • 100% natural fiber rope has a soft feel
  • Hold knots extremely well
  • Will absorb water
  • Will sink in water
  • Will rot and is completely biodegradable
  • Much less strength than synthetic fibers such as nylon, polyester, or polypropylene
  • Heavier than most synthetic fiber ropes
  • Can be dyed different colors
  • Depending on the amount of synthetic fiber used in ropes made with both cotton and polyester fibers, the tensile (break) strength, weight, water absorbtion rate, and the speed of biodegrading will be affected.
  • Widely used in crafts, as decorative rope, in toys, halter ropes, and hammocks

Twisted Cotton Rope( Natural Fiber)

DiameterYieldTensile Strength
   Feet perMeters per  
InchesMillimetersPoundKiloPounds Kilos
The  above rope is three strand construction- four strand construction is available
Note:  The specifications listed are for commonly accepted industry applications.
 We can custom manufacture to your specifications- contact us for details